Project Description

50mm diameter stainless steel glass standoff for glass railing balustrade by china demax arch

50mm/2″  Diameter Stainless Steel Glass Standoff

With Beveled Cap

  • Material: stainless steel 304/316, duplex 2205
  • Size:diameter 50mm(2″)
  • Treaded  M10, M12
  • Usage: interior and exterior
  • Mounting Type: for wood, concrete, metal
  • Finish Option: polished, brushed,
  • Fit Glass Thickness: 10-21.52mm
  • Glass Type: Laminated/Monolithic
  • Glass Hole Required: 20-22mm diameter
Stainless Steel Glass Standoff Glass Point Fixings Size
Item No. Diameter Beveled Cap H1 Spacer H2
DS-BGS5012 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 12mm(1/2″)
DS-BGS5020 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 20mm(3/4″)
DS-BGS5025 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 25mm(1″)
DS-BGS5030 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 30mm(1-3/16″)
DS-BGS5035 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 35mm(1-3/8″)
DS-BGS5040 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 40mm(1-5/8″)
DS-BGS5050 50mm(2″) 10mm(3/8″) 50mm(2″)

Stainless steel glass standoff  is often used for

  • stair glass railing
  • frameless glass balustrade
  • standoff glass railing

For varies installation

  • lag bolt for wood structure
  • M10, M12 threaded bolt for metal structure
  • expansion bolt, anchor bolt for concrete