Curtain wall system is a lightweight exterior cladding which is hung on the building structure usually from floor to floor.It can provide a variety of exterior apprearances but is characterized by narrowly spaced vertical and horizontal caps with glass or metalinfil panels.These systems provide a finished exterior apprearance and most often a semifinished interior as well.They are also designed to accommodate structural deflection,control wind-driven rain and air leakage,minimized the effects of solar radiation and provide for maintenance-free long term performance.

Most of today’s metal curtain wall system are constructed of light weight aluminum,although some may be of steel and glass.Since curtain wall system are a good example of building science principles applied to wall design,it may be useful to review some basic principles through the details of a typical curtain wall system.

Glass Curtain Wall Spider

glass spider 150 series
glass spider 220 series
glass spider 200 series
glass spider 160 series
glass spider 250 series
glass spider 300 series

Glass Curtain Wall Aluminum Frame