Curved Staircase/Curved Stairs

is often applicated in showroom, office, building, shop, store,and other republic places, also residential location. Curved stair require a big space and looks exclusive but more expensive than spiral staircase. Its stringer is made from steel powder coating and stainless steel, other elements from the various materials as glass, stone, wood etc. Staircase design comply with International Building Code. Demax Arch will suggest best stair solution on the upper opening size and floor height.

We mainly manufacture modern curved staircase as below Curved Staircase Design:

  • glass curved staircase/curved glass stairs
  • wood curved staircase/curved wood stairs
  • steel curved staircase/curved steel stairs
  • stone curved staircase/curved stone stairs

Would you want to create perfect curved staircase? Yes, you could. This time we supply following stair parts option for your choice

Tread Option

  1. 1 ” standard glass treads: color clear/frosted/europe grey
  2. solid wood treads: red oak, ash, beech, teak,thailand oak,sapele, color finish as a sample
  3. stone tread/marble tread

Railing Option

  1. 1/2(12mm) tempered glass panel railing  : color clear/extra clear/frosted/europe grey/brown
  2. stainless steel horizontal railing/rod railing
  3. steel art railing

Curved Staircase CURS500

keywords: glass curved staircase, curved glass staircase

stainless steel glass channel beam and laminated glass treads

Stair Specification

  1. stair tread length:1067mm(42″)  ,custom length available
  2. stringer :300 x50x300mm  (2″x12″),stainless steel polished, AISI304 grade
  3. glass panel :12mm(1/2″) bent tempered safety glass
  4. glass treads:25mm(1″) standard thickness,clear color
  • Its applicated for indoor and outdoor usage, exclusive appearance for a store, showroom, building, office, restaurant, other public place and residential location
  • We will supply installation instruction after customer place an order

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London Curved Staircase Modern Entrance

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Please send us an inquiry if you want to get a quote and free stair solution.