Glass Railing Los Angeles

Demax offers a complete line of custom build glass railing systems that include post glass railings, spigot glass railing, point fixing glass railing, and base shoe glass railing. These glass railings are popular for all residential and commercial applications. All our glass railings meet the 2020 Los Angeles Residential Code, Los Angeles City Building Codes, and 2019 California Residential Code.

Demax design and supply glass railing in Los Angeles and nearby.Custom glass railings for stair, deck, or balcony right now.Great prices and quality.

Deck Base Shoe Glass Railing Los Angeles
Aluminum Base Shoe Glass Railing
Glass Railing Los Angeles
Post Glass Railing
Framless Glass Railing Los Angeles
Point Fixing Glass Railing
Glass Railing Design and Supply in Los Angeles
Spigot Glass Railing

Choosing Glass Railing Tips

To comply with Section 1015 guard, 200 pounds concentrated load in any direction of the top handrail and 50 plf line load on the top handrail of the guard are required. The different glass railing design requires different glass thickness. When a glass guard is without a top handrail, the glass thickness must be laminated and thicker.

Glass Thickness Option

Full tempered glass monolic  (TTG)  3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″

Laminated tempered glass(LTG) 9/16″,11/16″, 27/32″,1″