Glass Railing Spiral Staircase

create modern and pure appearance,its more decorative than traditional spiral staircase. Glass named tempered glass and safety glass.Stair solution require site  size as floor to floor height,opening size.

Glass railing panel can be curved and straight shape,standard thickness 12mm(1/2″).

Spiral Staircase Creative Design GWS207

Stair Specification

  1. stair diameter range :1200-2000mm(48″-80″)
  2. central post  diameter 114mm(4- 1/2″)
  3. 12mm (1/2 “)tempered safety glass
  4. wooden steps :38mm(1- 1/2″) standard thickness,custom wood thickness is available
  • Its applicated for indoor usage,glass element is more stylish and decorative
  • We will supply installtion instruction after customer place a order

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