modern mono stringer staircase open riser staircase with glass railing by china stair manufacturer demax arch
modern mono stringer staircase open riser staircase with glass railing by china stair manufacturer demax arch

Mono Stringer Staircase-One of  The Best Modern Staircase Design For Villa

Demax Staircase&Railing supply varied mono stringer staircase to fit 2 storey villa house design. To believe you will never miss staircase inspiration for your unique and fantastic villa house here.

Mono Stringer Staircase Design Styles

The staircase is not only straight run design. To consider house construction and structure, this mono stringer staircase can be designed in many styles including

  • Straight
  • L Shape
  • U Shape
  • Quarter Turn
  • Half Turn
  • Close Rise
  • Open Rise

Australia&New Zealand Stair Design Requirements

  • Maximum Rise – 190mm
  • Minimum Going – 240mm
  • Minimum Head height – 2.0m
  • Level Balustrade – 1.0m
  • No gap/space larger than 125mm
  • Average Rise & Tread 180mm-250mm
  • Maximum of three angled steps in a quarter space
  • Maximum of 18 Risers without landing
Demax also designs stair to be compliant with US Stair Building Code, UK Stair Building Code, Canada Building Requirements, etc.



    Mono Stringer Stairs Elements Option

    Demax Stairs supply a wide range of elements option for different house design.

    • steel powder coating
    • steel galvanized
    • steel galvanized powder coating
    • stainless steel brushed
    • standoff glass railing
    • post glass balustrade
    • vertical panel screen railing
    • cable railing
    • solid wood, round or square shape
    • stainless steel ,round/square/rectangular
    •  u cap handrail in aluminum or stainless steel
    • stainless steel slot tube cap handrail
    • solid wood tread in rubberwood, beech, ash, oak, walnut, teak
    • laminated tempered glass
    • stone, tiles
    • steel

    Staircase Design Creation-Illuminated Led Lighting Design

    This time illuminated led lighting is asked to add into staircase design. Demax often supplies led lighting solution in treads and handrail. You will get what you want here.

    How Much Do Mono Stringer Staircases Cost With Different Material Option?

    See the table below for some of our different material options:

    $ $$ $$$
    Stringer Material Steel Powder Coating Stainless Steel Brushed Stainless Steel Polished
    Stringer Style mono stringer for residential double stringer  for commercial
    Railing Infill one side railing both side railing
    Tread Thailand Rubber Oak Ash, Beech, Glass,Stone Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut
    Glass Infill 12mm (1/2″) clear tempered glass 13.52mm laminated tempered glass

    low iron glass

    17.52mm laminated tempered glass

    SGP laminated tempered glass



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