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Stunning Stainless Steel Spiral Glass Staircase


Stunning Stainless Steel Spiral Glass Staircase with Curved Glass Railing Project Location: Washington, USA Finished Date:2018 Project Space: Compact Stair Riser: 15 risers Stair Diameter: 67" This gorgeous spiral glass staircase was for house remodel.Glass stair treads are made of 12+12 laminated tempered glass, stair stringer and tread frame are made of 304 stainless steel in brushed

Standoff Glass Railing


Get a Quote Standoff Glass Railing Architectural railing system-standoff glass railing is applicated for commercial railing and residential railing.It's complied with building code requirements.Stainless steel glass standoff can be customized to fit project requirements. Interior and Exterior Application Glass type : mono tempered glass 3/8",1/2",5/8",3/4", laminated glass 13.52mm,17.52mm,21.52mm Designed for deck,terrace,porch,balcony,stair and pool fence

Base Shoe Commercial Glass Railing


Base Shoe Commercial Glass Railing Base shoe railing system is very popular for office, shopping mall, terrace, deck, and commercial staircase, where commercial glass railing needed. For commercial glass railing construction requirement, base shoe materials can be aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Why is base shoe commercial glass railing popular in the market?  It