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Mono Stringer Staircase


Mono Stringer Staircase-One of  The Best Modern Staircase Design For Villa Demax Staircase&Railing supply varied mono stringer staircase to fit 2 storey villa house design. To believe you will never miss staircase inspiration for your unique and fantastic villa house here. Mono Stringer Staircase Design Styles The staircase is not only straight run design. To

Singapore Space Saving Spiral Stairs


Singapore Space Saving Spiral Stairs   Project Location  Singapore Project Space  Small Library Stair Data total riser 2600mm (102") stair diameter 1200mm (48") As our customer's requirements space saving and only 10 steps, we recommend this metal wood spiral stairs design to the client. The stair treads are made from solid timber, with wood grain handrail fit

Australia Outdoor Steel Stair


    Australia Outdoor Steel Stair with Glass Curtain This steel staircase connects an elevator exit door.            Stair Data stair height:5240mm riser:174.67mm stair width:2350mm stair length:4230mm landing:4 nos      Stair Structure Details stair beam post:80x120xT5.0mm,steel galv and powder coating stair stringer:280x10mm ,steel plate galv. steel tread 5.0 thickness :non-slip pattern and galv stainless steel rod railing,railing