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Stunning Stainless Steel Spiral Glass Staircase


Stunning Stainless Steel Spiral Glass Staircase with Curved Glass Railing Project Location: Washington, USA Finished Date:2018 Project Space: Compact Stair Riser: 15 risers Stair Diameter: 67" This gorgeous spiral glass staircase was for house remodel.Glass stair treads are made of 12+12 laminated tempered glass, stair stringer and tread frame are made of 304 stainless steel in brushed

Villa Red Oak Tread Cantilevered Staircase


Villa Red Oak Tread Cantilevered Staircase Project Location:China Project Space:Luxury Villa Stair Riser: 177.6mm (7") Stair Width:950mm(37.4") The cantilevered staircase is a very popular stair design in 2019 in China. More and more owners are choosing to use cantilevered stairs to decorate their villas and projects. Natural American red oak is chosen as the stair tread. The

Mono Stringer Staircase


Mono Stringer Staircase-One of  The Best Modern Staircase Design For Villa Demax Staircase&Railing supply varied mono stringer staircase to fit 2 storey villa house design. To believe you will never miss staircase inspiration for your unique and fantastic villa house here. Mono Stringer Staircase Design Styles The staircase is not only straight run design. To

Zig Zag Staircase


Zig Zag Staircases is a popular staircase design for a residential and commercial staircase. It often is designed with open riser and closer riser to meet stair building regulations. Zig Zag Staircases Design Styles To match with house design and space, the stair can be designed in many styles including Straight Quarter Turn Half Turn