Staight Staircase

means straight run stair.its stringer is steel with contemporary concept creation, instead of traditional concrete stair,its can be customized from glass,wood and steel element.Staircase design comply with International Building Code.Demax Arch will suggest best stair solution on upper opening size and floor height.

Straight Staircase STR300

Steel stringer and wood treads

Stair Specification

  1. stair tread length:915mm(36″)  ,custom length available
  2. stringer :RHS 100x200x6.0mm(4″x8″),steel matt black powder coating
  3. glass cap :aluminum channel 17x19mm
  4. glass panel :12mm(1/2″)  tempered safety glass
  5. wood treads:38mm(1-1/2″) standard thickness,teak finish
  • Its applicated for indoor ,glass railing is stylish
  • We will supply installtion instruction after customer place a order

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