U Shaped Steel Glass Staircase USTR415

Steel Glass Staircase with Glass Treads and Glass Railing

Steel glass staircase looks modern and elegant, whether in a commercial or industrial building, or a modern home interior decor. The glass treads are manufactured using architectural laminated safety glass.Glass treads with other materials like stainless steel create modern glass stairs in flight shape, L shape, spiral and curved shape.

Demax staircase solution ensures glass staircase remain non-slip, durable and safe glass staircases. We can produce glass stairs with or without a glass railing in any style or glass staircase design.  LED lighting can also be designed in illuminating the steps.

To custom a glass staircase for a modern house, please contact us right now! Demax Staircase&Railing is a china professional glass staircase manufacturer. We are located in Foshan City, next to Guangzhou city with convenient transport line to all countries of the world.

Steel Glass Staircase Technical Data 

Item No.: USTR415

Stair Stringer Option

  • stainless steel u channel beam 300x T5.0mm;
  • steel powder coating u channel beam 300xT5.omm

Stair Glass Treads Option

  • laminated safety tempered glass 12+1.52pvb+12mm
  • laminated safety tempered glass 10+1.52pvb+10+1.52pvb+10mm

Stair Glass Treads Support Option

  • square tube frame 38x38mm
  • steel plate frame T6.0mm

Stair Railing Glass Panel Option

  • safety tempered glass 12mm
  • safety laminated glass 6+1.14pvb+6mm
  • safety laminated glass 8+1.52pvb+8mm

Stair Railing Top Rail Option

  • round slotted handrail 42.4mm
  • square slotted handrail 50x5omm
  • rectangular slotted handrail 40x60mm

All Glass Staircase technical data will be designed according to project requirement.



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