Steel Wood Spiral Staircase Hot Sale

Steel wood spiral staircase with stainless steel central column or steel central column, stair tread can be red oak, teak, ash, sapele, Thailand oak. Spiral stair also can be made from a lot of element. Its advantage is easy to install and save space. The spiral stairs supplied by Demax Arch comply with the International Building Code. We will suggest best stair solution on the upper opening size and floor height.

Spiral Staircase Stainless Steel Framed Wooden Steps WS200

Stair Specification

  1. stair diameter range :1200-2000mm(48″-80″)
  2. central post  diameter 114mm
  3. handrail and post: stainless steel 304 grade, brushed finish
  4. wooden tread: 38mm standard thickness, custom wood thickness is available
  • It’s applicated for indoor usage, wood plus stainless color is stylish
  • Demax Staircase&Railing will supply installation instruction after customer place an order

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