Villa Red Oak Tread Cantilevered Staircase with Glass Balustrade

Villa Red Oak Tread Cantilevered Staircase

Project Location:China

Project Space:Luxury Villa

Stair Riser: 177.6mm (7″)

Stair Width:950mm(37.4″)

The cantilevered staircase is a very popular stair design in 2019 in China. More and more owners are choosing to use cantilevered stairs to decorate their villas and projects. Natural American red oak is chosen as the stair tread. The natural wood grain of red oak makes people feel very comfortable and aesthetic.

The cantilevered beam and steel tread support hidden in the wall are welded together, very stable, and glass railing of the stairs also makes space look bigger.

LED lighting also is designed under boxed red oak treads. The owner is satisfied very much with all of stair parts and finishes.